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Having a blank paper on your desk but nothing in your mind to write on it is the most frustrating experience that most university students have to face when it comes to essay writing.no matter what type of essay you need to write, whether it is a persuasive essay or a descriptive one or even a compare and contrast type of essay it is one of the toughest challenges that the university student has to go through. by the end of the final term, most of the university students get so busy that they are unable to spare time for essay writing.to get out of this tough situation most of the students want to hire cheap essay writing services so that they could have a well-written essay at hand whenever the date of submission arrives. The following is a brief discussion about the common problems that most of the students face during their academic careers at the university.

Begin writing an essay

One of the most common issue in essay writing among university students is how to start an essay. It is very difficult for the university students to determine the main purpose of writing an essay and so they are unable to brainstorm new ideas and thesis statements that they can use as an introduction. As long as you are not able to understand the main purpose of writing an essay you won’t be able to gather all the information that is needed to write a quality essay.

The thesis statement

Some experts call these thesis statement as a key to writing great essays.Mostly it is written at the end of the introduction and it helps explain the main purpose of the essay. A large number of the university students are unable to determine the thesis statement of an essay. Proper understanding of the thesis statement is necessary to write a well-structured essay.

Audience and voice

As far as the formality of the essay is concerned the voice that fits the essay is the third person voice, the main reason for it is the motive to create the monument of that special form of research paper. Using such type of third person voice is much challenging for the university students. One problem that most of the students have to face in essay writing is the removal of slang from the content.

Citing sources

It takes a lot of effort to write an essay in a perfect manner, a writer has to collect all the information from different sources.in order to write an essay that is original and is free of plagiarism, it is best to cite all the resources properly. One of the common problems in top essay writing that most university students face is the inability to cite the resources properly.

Writer’s block

There is a temporary psychological condition that is known as writer’s block. It happens when the students take too much stress from education and their mind stops thinking for a short period of time and when it happens the students are unable to brainstorm new ideas and so have to quit writing the task.

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