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An academic essay is supposed to be a piece of writing that has a limited word count yet is able to impart maximum information and knowledge about a particular topic in the most effective way. A perfect essay always have an impact on the minds of the readers. Unlike other forms of documents an essay has a very limited space that you as a writer have to utilize to provide the reader with information in the concentrated form yet the main issue has to be elaborated.According to a professional essay writing services uk the following are the parts in which you can divide your essay to utilize the space in the best possible way.

First Paragraph: Introduction

The very first paragraph of your essay is the most significant part of the whole content, so getting it right is very crucial for you. If you want to make your first impression last a long time you have to write a gripping introduction. Mostly the introduction that you write is only ten percent of the total word count you are allowed to write. In order to get it write you can maximize your sentences by giving the complete introduction of the topic you will be writing about.

This first paragraph holds much importance in essay writing and so it should be written with complete focus as writing a perfect introduction is a skill that only a few people can master.The message that you have to convey effectively to your reader is the topic you will be discussing and your own stance on it.You should try to give some hints about the conclusion in order to arouse the inquisitiveness of the reader and he develops an interest to read the content till the last word. Many good writers use quotes form famous writers to support their stance about the topic.

Second and Third Paragraph: Main Body

As you have to maximize the space you should use just two argument to support your case as using more arguments will only lessen the space and increase the word count unnecessarily.In paragraph 2 and 3 of your essay you can elaborate you two main arguments that support your thesis in their separate paragraphs. All the analysis, the reasoning and the argument to support your thought is done in these two paragraphs. By the end of the third paragraph you will have two evidence to support your two arguments.

Fourth Paragraph: Answer to Opposition

Every argument has a counter argument and discussing the counter argument is the duty of a good essay writer. To do this you have to mention the counter arguments in a bit detail and then prove it after research that the opposition is misguided and its viewpoint is incorrect.

Fifth Paragraph: Ending

It is considered to be the second crucial part of an essay as you have to close your paper very carefully, this ending should not be abrupt but it should be clear enough for the reader to understand. The concluding part should show the connection of the topic with the introduction so that the reader’s interest continues till the end.

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