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The impact of stress on young students

Stress is not an easy thing to get rid of. Once a person starts to take stress, they feel themselves drowning under the weight of the world. They find themselves to be incapable of doing these small things which they did so quickly before. Once things begin to go downhill, everything else follows suit. From the beginning, students find themselves being buried under the weight of new assignments and coursework and the pressure to be amazing at everything they do and to perform well in exams so they can succeed in life. All this becomes too much for them to handle, which is why, later, they start to feel down and depressed. There is not a lot that the students can do, except work on themselves and their peace of mind.

While it might not be easy to keep your sanity with all the add-on tasks that the instructors assign the students, it is however recommended to every college and university going student to at least work on themselves. Your grades will help you get where you want to be, but later on in life, if yourmental health is affected, nothing will work out for you. And if you ignore that or out your mental well-being to the side, you will be prioritizing other less essential things over it which will not benefit you in the long run. Try and take care of yourself so you can be successful and do everything that you wanted to do initially in life.

All the students reading this stress and mental health are no joke. Despite being so common, we live in a society, where there is still a stigma attached to mental health. People do no find it easy to talk about the problems they face and then, later on, suffer because they never spoke to anyone about it. The only way you can have an effective treatment is if you diagnose it at the start. If you feel any symptoms of stress or depression, do talk to the people around you, and if you cannot confide in them, tell your parents or best friends. If you are still undermining the impact of stress on a young student’s mind, then keep reading to see its harmful effect on their mind.

The harmful impact of stress on young students:

  • Low immunity:

When you are stressed, your immunity worsens. You tend to over-think, and this is where things go wrong. When the brain isn’t fully present in the current situation at hand, it will be easier for germs and viruses to attack your body. Plus, a stressed mind will always cause stomach issues such as tummy aches, bloated and diarrhoea. It will also give you headaches, and you will always feel tired. At times, you will also feel like you have no control over your body since everything will be going against your will. When you do not expect it, you will feel sick and de-motivated, which will make you feel even worse.

  • Poor Performance and Grades:

Stress can slowly get to you and can hinder your performance. If you are depressed, there is no chance that your brain will be able to focus, and you will be able to score goo. You will continuously get distracted and will find it hard to study for straight 30 minutes. And once you do not feel like looking, your grades will automatically get low. It’s not like you will not care, you will. Depression will make you feel helpless. After all, even though you would want to score well and do better, you will not be able to do so because your mind will not be cooperating with you.

  • Insomnia:

Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of stress and depression. The brain will no longer want to relax and will deliberately remind you of all the times you were at your weakest or worst. When you are forced to remember the harsh past, you will not be able to get any sleep. We are only able to sleep once our mind gets relaxed. No matter how tired you are, if you force yourself to remember all the tasks you need to do, you too will not be able to sleep because your mind will keep on working. That’s precisely what happens when youare stressed and later intensifies and converts into insomnia.

  • Loss of Appetite:

You will slowly start to feel like you are not hungry. Your mind will be too occupied to think straight, which is why you will not feel hungry. You see, with depression, your body rejects everything normal. Your feeling of hunger will decline, and so will your appetite. The foods you usually loved, you would slowly start to hate them. You will not feel like eating, no matter how hungry you feel. This will make you even weaker, and you will have no energy left in your body. Even when you will eat, you will not be able to eat as much as you did previously, and this too will worsen your immunity.

  • Hormonal Imbalance:

Stress, depression and anxiety all come together to mess up our hormones. In teenage years or after a person reaches the age of 20, the hormones are still changing. We are growing, and our body is adapting to a lot, which leads to our hormones fluctuating. But if you are depressed, your hormone levels will continue to fluctuate to an extent which will not be expected. You might gain weight because of this, or you might get acne or lose hair or other diseases from this.

Final Thoughts:

Stress and depression are now the leading cause of suicide among young students. Students are shy and do not talk to the people close to them, which leaves them bottling up their feeling inside of them. Once they have no outlet and are working all day long, their mind is unable to relax and relieve the burden which is weighing it down. Once all this starts to happen, it is said that a person is suffering from stress or depression, which ends up taking a toll on the student’s mental health.

Author’s Bio:

George has been an academic writer for a long time now, and his articles can easily be differentiated from others. He is the first choice of every student who searches for pay someone to do my assignment and works hard to solve the problems students face in their academic as well as personal life.

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