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One thing that plays a vital role in writing a perfect academic essay is the correct selection of words to express your thoughts. You should always try to select the words very carefully, it is always a smart move to weigh the words and think before using them in your essay. Carelessly used words take an essay to a wastepaper basket and not to a publication house. If you do not choose the words carefully in your essay writing tasks you might end up at the last place in your class.

The reason why all the experts put too much stress on the right selection of words in essay writing is that if the words are used well and placed right they enhance the quality of the content and if used in appropriately they can do the opposite. The following is a guideline that may prove helpful for you in using the best words for your essay.

Do Not Use Slang

Most of the young men are used to speaking slang in their routine life and one common mistake that such people make is the use of slang in their academic writing. No matter if your essay is about a science topic or it is related to humanities or even fine arts, it does not matter if you are using formal tone or informal one the slang should always be avoided in all types of academic writing tasks. The only content in which the use of slang is allowed is in story writing in which the slang is being used by a character.

Use Clear yet Understandable Way of Expression

The sentences you use for expressing your thoughts should be clear and easy to relate with. The words you use should be complex enough according to your level of education but easy to understand by the potential reader. Sometimes, a content that seems clear and simple to the writer is problematic and vague for the reader. Each sentence that you use should be meaningful and should not seem incomplete.

Avoid Repetition

The repetition of words and phrases affects the quality of the content in negative manner. There are many writer who repeat the phrases to complete the word count as in 1000 word essay they have already discussed the main topic completely and just want to fill the place with words. According to experts a good writer always proof reads the content before submission. So, you should go through the whole essay and look for the repeated words, if you find some repeated words change them with alternative words. Sometimes similar words are used in close proximity and this does not look nice in a well-written informative essay so if you find the same issue in your essay rectify it before you submit.

Some writers make the mistake of starting every paragraph using the same word, forexample, most of the new writers start every paragraph with ‘however’ this type of mistake also affects the quality of a content and every paragraph that you write should start differently.

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