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Leaving you home for the first time in life for university education is a very emotional yet exciting experience for a young man. The unconditional support of the parents and family members is the best thing that helps the student overcome the fear of university life that even the strongest of the students have no matter if the express it or not.The help of the parents is needed to move from the house to the hostel.The support of the parents make the transition from the house to a hostel much smooth. There are a lot of things that need to be double checked before you leave for your new destination. The following is a list according to which you should do your packing.


Before you leave for the university you should check whether you have all the student finance documents intact and ready to show.one more thing to do is to open a student bank account that you may use later on to pay for things like best essay writing services and many other unforeseen expenses.

Health is wealth

A student needs to be in perfect health to perform well in his academic career. Before you leave for your university do check with your NHS number or a medical card that is ready for sign up.


The most important thing that you should double check before you leave is the availability of a dorm or a hostel room, in fact most of the students visit the universities a couple of days before the commencement of classes to arrange the room. One thing that should be done before heading towards the university is to inform the university about any disability that you may have.it is always a smart move to change your postal address before moving out of your house so that the mail delivered in your name is redirected to your university address so that no important post is misplaced.

Who Will Be You Mover

If you want your university life to be a smooth journey try to get organized and the first step towards organization is to plan ahead who will be your mover. In most of the cases the loving parent fulfill the responsibility of your movers. It is always better to plan ahead to reduce the tension and anxiety of the change.


It takes a little time to get used to your surrounding at the university so it is better to pack all the important things that you may need in the early days of your university life. After packing al the clothing you should check with your medical history and keep with you a record just in case.to manage your budget effectively you should take all the important dried food items like cookies and cereals along with you. Sometimes the basic utensils are also needed when you are going to share a kitchen. Some over the counter medicines are also a must keep item like simple pain killers and anti-allergic pills.

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