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No matter how much knowledge you have or how good you are at writing you can never become a good writer until you avoid all the common errors that most of the new writers make.The most common errors observed in the writing of the students are the grammatical mistakes and the mistakes of tenses, the following are some tips from the experts that will help you improve your writing by removing all the common errors.

Inculcate the Habit of Reading

Since decades the habit of reading has been providing great help to the writers as it is the main source from which you can learn about the use of different words, the right placement of words and perfectly structured sentences.In the modern world of today where latest gadgets and laptops have replace the books and instead of reading the whole books people like to memorize the main points to answer the objective type questions. Even those who used to read poetry and novels written by the native English the people prefer listening to the audio of poetry and watch movies based on the stories of novels.No matter how good is your essay if you make silly mistakes like grammatical mistakes there are more chances of getting lower grades.

Be Careful With Common Words

The grammatical mistakes that we may call silly mistakes are i.e. the use of ‘Your’ instead of ‘you’re’, this happens because the writers seldom proofread their work,they get confused between these words and forget that You’re is a contraction of two words ‘You Are’ while the word Your belongs to the family of possessive noun.

One more word that most of the new emerging writers get confused about is the use of there, their, and they are.There is a word that is used in several different ways and is most commonly used to point at a certain place or destination, like we reached there. The word “their” is a plural possessive pronoun and is used in the way like ‘their work’ or ‘their luggage’.

  • If you a student with English as your second language then you might need a lot of hard work and practice to overcome the weakness of grammar and tenses.
  • The students who are not native to English should consider these points while writing an essay to make it an impressive content for the reader.
  • The language that you use in an essay of university have to be a little complex yet stylish. There is a huge difference between the language that you use in academic writing and the one that you use in writing blog posts, letters, and e-mails or in your general chat. In trying to use complex words don’t forget that the language you use should be understandable for most of the readers.
  • Be careful about the words that sound the same and are spelled differently like ‘their’ and ‘there’ and ‘by’ and buy or ‘accept’ and ‘except’.

Once you are able to take care of the above-mentioned mistakes you will notice a remarkable change in your writing.

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