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It is actually very commendable to see students worry for their academics and study for the betterment of their future. However, over studying is has more cons than prose and below are some of the disadvantages of over studying:

You are always sleep deprived

Before joining a university, students are advised form here and there that they should spend their nights only doing studying. Such students already have a very tough schedule during the day and then they spend their whole nights studying as well. With time their body gets used to working till late at night. But this does not mean that it is normal or beneficial for the body. Depriving your body from the essential sleep seriously affects your health. It paves way for a number of mental and physical issues. Students grow weak and their performance in the class declines as well. So, what’s the point of studying till late at night if it is not benefiting you, rather causing you more harm. So instead of over studying till late at night, have a peaceful night’s sleep so that you may be energized during the lectures.

You are always in a stressful state

When students are hysterical regarding the studies, they are always stressed. They create pressure for themselves which does not need to be present in the first place. University life is already pretty tough. The students need not to create more stressful environment for them. The students who study too much, they are always unsatisfied with what they have studied which drives them in a state of stress and anxiety. The study over and over again only to find themselves freaking out even more and pressuring themselves. However, if the students study moderately but with full concentration, they would be able to perform better.

You do not make many friends

University life gives you friendships of a lifetime. In a university, people of all backgrounds enroll. You meet people from different religions, race, ethnicity, nationality etc. So, there is a high possibility of you finding someone who you click with. Good friendships help you survive a place like a university. You need to be in on good terms with your professors, seniors, class fellows, roommates etc. But for finding someone like you and befriending them, you would have to go out, socialize, communicate with people. However, the people who are always confined to the books seldom do such things. They do not know anything about socializing and remain alone throughout their university life because they did not make any friends to hang out with.

You do not take part in any extracurricular activities

Even the university authorities know that studying nonstop takes a toll on the minds of the students. Hence there needs to be a healthy break from the studies. That is why, off and on, different events involving extracurricular activities are arranged by the university authorities in collaboration with the students. These include sports, competitions, quizzes, debates, etc. Such events are actually very fun. Students get a lot of exposure which is need for practical life. But there are students who think a university is meant for studying only. They keep themselves away from any such activities. Such students miss out on a lot of fun and healthy activities.

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