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About a decade back the writing services emerged in the market to help the learned and knowledgeable people write their experiences or their autobiographies with the help of the writers as they themselves remained much busy in their professional activities and had no time to spare to pen down their experiences. Soon the writing services became popular among the laureates and in no time at all their popularity reached the universities. Gradually the names of wiring services changed into best essay writing services UK and students started using them secretly for their writing tasks. It was the time when these writing services had to face a lot of criticism and were called an illegal practice that should be stopped by force.

The Education System Faced Criticism

The academic critics started criticizing the whole education system that had so many loopholes that the students very conveniently started using essay writing service UK. In fact the number of students who use the writing service for their essay writing is increasing day by day. In short, according to the criticism that the writing services and students faced all the students using the service  have been cheating .The experts say that the growing trend of uses of essay writing among student is the result of the flaws of the education system applied in the universities.

Thoughtful Solution Required

The reaction of the critics and legal administration has been very immature as the only solution that they presented during the debate was banning the websites that offer the services, blocking of the URL’s used for visiting the websites.

Legal Status Of Writing Service

After being criticized for a long time the simple answer to the question whether using the essay writing services was cheating or not the simple answer is a big “NO”. Every free citizen is allowed to buy for him a piece of writing written by a professional that is plagiarism free and 100% original content that the students use in their essay writing.On the other hand if the students buy a text that is copied form some original text it is a clear case of plagiarism and in such cases even the writing services condemn the practice. It is clearly stated on the websites of well- known writing service providers that all the assistance that they provide to the students would in any case will be 100% original content. The best essay writing service UK not only provide the writing services but they provide the students with the best proof reading services that lack in all universities.

The people who use the writing services for the purpose of cheating are in no doubt the ones who should be punished harshly so that the ones who need help are never accused of cheating.

No Plagiarism

Almost all the genuine essay writing websites have made it clear that they do not support or promote the act of plagiarism and if a content provided by them is proved to be plagiarized the authorities are free to take legal action.

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