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5 Students Online StudyHacks for Better Grades

Starting university is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming.Studying doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there are plenty of simple methods that exist which simplify the entire process. While nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work, every little bit helps when it comes to increasing your efficiency in university. No need to panic – we’re here to help! Take a few deep breaths, and remember these useful online tricks that they definitely won’t teach you in lecture.

  • StudyHack # 1: How to Search for Teaching Materials

Google Scholar is the coolest way to find textbooks, teaching aids, books, abstracts, articles, newspapers, and magazines. This is a completely free system for searching scientific publications on all disciplines. It is not necessary to spend hours of time on offline libraries.

If you have poor eyesight or just do not have time to read books, you can listen to them on transport, during the lunch or a walk. You can find them both in smartphone apps and on specialized websites.

In order to pass an exam, you do not need a stack of books. Download studying applications for all the necessary disciplines and learn the information in a suitable format. Someone better remembers from the video, someone needs to read the manual with illustrations. Just find your list of applications and use good work of the developers.

  • Study Hack # 2: Study Easily Without Wasting Time

You do not need to do what you do not want to do. Especially if it can be done by someone else. Ever faced with the problem of writing tasks? Do you ever wish that someone else could do my assignments? Don’t be discouraged, if it does not work out. We recommend assignment writing services, where anyone can quickly order any work without worrying about the result.

If you don’t know anything about some topic, you do not have to spend many hours studying it. Just formulate your question and post it on any popular question-and-answer website.

  • Study Hack # 3: Save Every Document Without Forgetting

Seriously, having the ability to use a single online program to collaborate with group members is invaluable. You can all work on a presentation, spreadsheet, or word document any time without meeting up in person.

Collaborative features like commenting and chat ensure that no online mishaps occur, and sharing settings give you close control over who sees which files.

I love having immediate access to all my files on any device with an internet connection. Having my documents on Google Drive has saved me several times when I’ve forgotten a hard copy of a paper at home, but managed to print a new one using Google Drive on a shared computer.

  • Study Hack # 4: Too Tired To Read Your Assignment? Listen Online!

Think you’ve finished your final draft? Copy & Paste the text into google translate and click the button to hear it read aloud. It’s a really good idea to read all your work out loud so you can hear exactly how it sounds. It’s hard to spot mistakes when you’ve been working so closely on something, so using Google Translate to hear your work out loud is an ideal way to hear the flow of the text and highlight any mistakes.

•     Study Hack # 5: Know your teacher(s)

As much as possible, know your teachers. Sometimes you will have a choice of teachers, sometimes you won’t. If they happen to be on ratemyprofessors.com, you can read reviews there. Personally, we think the best teachers are ‘tough but fair’. Always go for fair over easy, and this is why: teachers know they get discussed, and a fair teacher will never want to be called unfair. An easy teacher, however, never wants to be thought of as easy, and you may enrol in a class in just the semester that the instructor decides to overhaul the way they grade. Always go for the fair teacher.

So, there you have it; 5 simple hacks that will make your student life a hell of a lot more convenient. If the magic still isn’t happening, get some help from your university advisors, they can provide useful study tips and skills, or may even be able to get you an extension.

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